Welcome on board :)

Vacation is the art of taking a break from everyday life and become¨ vacant¨, empty from the problems, the worries and the responsibilities..Yoga is the art of unifying and balancing body and soul. The combination of yoga and vacation is a complete renovation of yourself and a chance to feel complete freedom and balance..

Let’s travel together to a magic yoga vacation.. Discover an alternative way of life and feel free!

Peace and holidays to all!!!

On the way to the East…

October in Greece!!! with 33 degrees and completely summer mood! Seems like winter lost his way and endless sunshine is resting over Greece :)

So, still in vacation mode, we are looking towards the East to salute the Sun… and why not retreat ourselves on the way…? Check the following events:

Acroyoga Sun-Dance Retreat with Marc and Pascal!

near Antalya, Turkey * 19-25 November 2012 *


Floating Cottage,Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Helen Say!

Om Waters, Sri Lanna National Park, Northern Thailand * 16 – 20 January 2013 *


Retreat yourselves at the East or the West!! and F.L.Y (First Love Yourself)

“In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true. “



Autumn Adventures with The Sunshine House…

Days in the Sunshine House are full of activity and light!! After the Greek heat wave, the refreshing north breeze took over our hearts!!! And entering the late summer period, I have already my next steps planed!! Everyone could join!!!!

Autumn Adventures…

sushine house logo small

sushine house logo small… as the light gradually becomes less and less, little by little each day we become closer to the Autumn Equinox… and to our next season of gatherings and sharings… all are welcome…

Sailing for Peace…a Cycladic Odessey…

15 – 22  September 2012

peaceboatThis is an 8-day eco-sailing trip through the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea. Our aim is to have a kind of floating ashram…a fleet of sailing boats in the crystal waters of the Greek  Aegean

Sea to be gathered together as a kind of Sailing Sangha. A combination of our love of  

dedicated spiritual practice, alternative lifestyle and the joy of being together with the beauty and tranquility that sailing can bring…amongst ancient, powerful landscapes and coastlines of a country rooted in a deep mythological and spiritual past.
For more info or reservations please contact us at sailing4peacegr@gmail.com
Advanced Thai Massage with Krishnataki…
“Rock Your Body, Free your Mind”
25 – 30 September 2012
Sunshine House, Halkida, Greece
…Dynamic Flow 

…In this course we will learn how to go with the flow…and have freedom in our movement. Having already the basic techniques and principles of Thai Massage, we will go deeper in our understanding of the flow…the Sacred Dance. How we can adjust, move and dance with another body, without getting “stuck” in positions, keeping precision in both line work and acupressure points. We will explore more acupressure points and learn how to use more the elbow, knee and foot. We will learn how to give a full body Thai massage by using the foot only and we will incorporate elements of dynamic Thai massage into our practice.
Therapeutic Thai Massage for the shoulder with Krishnataki
Therapeutic Thai Massage for the shoulder with Krishnataki


Thai Massage Beginners with Krishnataki & Kaline

17th November – 2nd December 2012

Guadalajara, Mexico

…set in the thermal water spring park of Guadalajara, Mexico, this will be a seminar of rejuvenation, detoxification and of course celebration!!!
Thai Yoga Massage is a Sacred Dance. It is a holy communion between two people used to unblock and move stagnant energy. It is essentially an ancient Eastern healing technique, based on Buddhist teachings, used as a tool to awaken our spiritual flame and inner therapist as well as develop love and compassion in our lives…and thus the dance begins…
This will be our first ever retreat in Mexico and how blessed we are to be able to host it in the thermal hot spring resort of Guadalajara…this course will be a very special gathering in this auspicious year … READ MORE
Our Summer courses are currently in FULL SWING…Sunshine House has an abundance of new and old faces…most of our courses are FULL, however there are still a few places left on..
we would love to see you here….

The Art of Breathing in Kea!

Just a few days after the BYC 2012 where we raw-ked the world! A heartful gathering from universal spirits just left us with a sense of deep gratitude and contentment!! One of the not to miss events that can change your world! Don’t miss the next one!!!

And feeling that living in a different way, sharing in a community, spreading light and love can be a way of art, what is more artistic than our own breath!! The art of breathing is what keeps us alive but also upgrading the quality of our life! So, why not learning a little bit more by the sea? check this out:

Breath is our communication with God, keep it sacred and share the art of living :)

Om Shanti!

Yoga holidays with style!!

Hola chicos!!

Holidays is a so personal matter as our food!!! We need them to relax and recharge our batteries, to strengthen and save our vital energy!! So, it is a necessity for our wellbeing!

And as in our diet, we have so many options and variations..Others prefer their meal simple and light, others intense and spicy, and others qourmet and special!! Same with holidays!! Style is always welcome, especially if you combine it with sea, sun and yoga!!!

Yoga Holiday in Crete

12 – 19 August 2012


The yoga holiday retreat will take place in the magical Casa Mediterraneo in the peaceful village of Sfinari on the western coast on the island of Crete.


The teachers

Poncho Cottier loves movement, healing and self-discovery. After spending a couple of years learning capoeira in London, Poncho started yoga as a way to “become more flexible”. From the first class, he was hooked and in 2008 he travelled to India and studied different styles of yoga in the subcontinent for eight months. A year later he headed back to Asia, this time to Nepal to complete his yoga teacher training. Poncho draws from different yoga styles including, Hatha, Vinyasa, Anusara and Iyengar, his classes are dynamic and fun with a strong focus on safe structural alignment. In his teaching, Poncho encourages his students to move beyond their old paradigms and to bring the benefits of the practice to life off the mat. Poncho currently teaches yoga and qigong in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has previously taught in London and India. Apart from the Yoga Holiday in Greece, Poncho will be teaching several workshops in Europe this summer.

Laurence Gilliot has a passion for yoga, meditation and mindfulness. After practicing yoga for a number of years in Chiang Mai, Laurence decided to do her teacher training in Bali, Indonesia with Anusara Certified teacher Bridget Woods Krammer. Along side her yoga training, Laurence has studied Buddhist mindfulness meditation on many occasions with venerable vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh as well as Non-Violent Communication with several teachers in Asia and Europe. Laurence recently completed a long walking trip in Nepal which in her own words was “a 5-month long meditation”. Laurence teaches yoga in Chiang Mai, Thailand and is currently facilitating workshops and woman circles in her native Belgium. Offering her compassionate presence, Laurence helps people expand their consciousness and live life more fully.

No matter what your style is, no matter what holidays mean to you, always remember to:

“Smile, breathe and go slowly”
 Thich Nhat Hanh

Acroyoga with the waves in Lesvos!

Almost July!! Ready to fly to Barcelona for the BYC and celebrate Yoga with friends from all over the world :)

And then what? Of course back to Greece to spend some more days in the Greek islands! This time will be in Lesvos to enjoy the acro-retreat by the beach with Daniel Anner! Check this out:

Greek version:




And their feet move 
rhythmically, as tender 
feet of Cretan girls 
danced once around an 

altar of love, crushing 
a circle in the soft 
smooth flowering grass 

Sappho (Poet from Lesvos)


 Ta leme :D

Proxima parada: Barcelona!!!

Just a few days after our first yoga retreat in Mykonos and the energy is still super high!! Sea, sun, open sky, yoga, swimming, playing, sharing! what else would we need to be happy? And this was just the start for an amazing summer!!

And realizing that summer is never in crisis, neither is yoga, we already get ready for the next stop in Barcelona in order to participate at the Barcelona Yoga Conference!!!

A beautiful idea that started last year with a great success and will be repeated this July in order to gather yoga teachers and students from all over the world to the Catalan capital in a big celebration of love and unity!

Full of activity, music, inspiration and fun, creative ideas and solidarity events, these 5 days will be a life-changing experience for all the participants!!!

I will be definitely there with my friends Daphne and Javi, sharing raw food recipes and free hugs!!! see u there???

Acrolicious June for all!!

There are soo many things going on in Greece this summer! And of course we could not leave out the super AcroYoga events.

My favourite Konstantinos Karafoulidis will be around to share, teach and play with us on donation basis. Check his schedule and see if you are one of the luckies to be part of the big beautiful acro-family!!

AcroTravel suggest….

10/06/12 All day workshop. morichovou1,ladadika,Thessaloniki.


16/06/12 Acro FUNdamental.beach bar Rivera. Volos.


24/06/12 Acro all summer day.Camping Akti Oneirou.Chalkidiki info:6947941959

30/06/12 Acrolicious….Horos Athens.  info:6946061264

Practice,practice,practice and Mykonos is coming…….
Summer looks beautiful up in the Air !!!!


Also, don’t miss the 5day AcroYoga therapeutic immersion with Pau and Ale in the Sunshine House this July!!!

More info for Acro Mykonos will follow soon :) Till then spread your wings and fly high!!!

Inspiring words for an inspiring world!

Amma, the hugging saint says ” In this universe it is love that binds everything together. Love is the very foundation, beauty and fulfillment of life.

In this period of  big crisis in Greece and worldwide, listening to healing inspiring words is beneficial.. And we are lucky to have in Greece one of Amma’s closest disciples, Swami Shubamrita Chaitanya, who will show us through the teachings of Amma how to live a more content life…

The program will be as follows:

WED 27th JUNE 2012, 7.30pm
Titania Hotel, Panepistimiou 52, Akropoli
22210 55109 / 6972 710516  info@thaimassage.gr
THURS 28th JUNE 2012, 7.30pm
“Nodo”, Marinoy Antipa 10 (next to Praktiker), Pilea, Thessaloniki
6949762983 / 6945595056 ammahellas@yahoo.com
During both programmes, there will be info available on Amma, her teachings, gift/book shop, DVD screening, snacks and refreshments

 About Amma

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, known throughout the world as Amma, or Mother, is one of the world’s most respected humanitarians and spiritual leaders. Her entire life has been dedicated to alleviating the pain of the poor and those suffering physically and emotionally. Amma inspires, uplifts and transforms through her physical embrace, her spiritual wisdom and her humanitarian activities. Her boundless love and compassion crosses all barriers of nationality, race and religion. For her extraordinary contributions to world peace, Amma received the Gandhi-King Award for Nonviolence in 2002. Her charitable projects, now known collectively worldwide as Embracing the World, are reaching out to millions around the globe. In India, Amma’s organization has been given Special Consultative Status to the United Nations.

About Swami Shubamrita

Br. Shubamrita Chaitanya has lived with Sri Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma) as a monastic disciple since 1989 and regularly gives lectures and seminars on stress management and meditation throughout Europe, Australia, Africa, India and the Middle East. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience as one of Amma’s closest disciples and personal translators, Br. Shubamrita shares his understanding of the Eastern spiritual traditions in practical and easily understandable terms. Br.Shubamrita is also known as a gifted singer/songwriter. During his programmes in Greece he will give a talk on the practical application of timeless spiritual principles and practices in day-to-day life. He will also sing devotional songs and lead a brief guided meditation.

Cultivating Tejas in Chalkidiki…

Nature and Yoga Lovers!!!

Greece is not only islands! There is a beautiful mainland with amazing landscape and beaches :) If u have never visited Chalkidiki – this special peninsula with the 3 legs in Northern Greece – I can give u a reason!

Anahata studio and Elena Mouratidou organize the following retreat, which is just the start of the yogic adventures in the area:

Explore Nature, explore your Self  and smile to the Universe!!! There is nothing more beautiful than the reflection of your inner Peace!! Om Shanti!

The summer in Paros is Okreblue!

If there is a place this summer in Greece that could be called the kingdom of the yoga retreats is definitely the Okreblu apartments in Paros island!

Just a few meters from Santa Maria beach, with eco-friendly traditional rooms and apartments and a 120 square meters wooden deck surrounded by olive and cedar trees…what could be best for a real retreat?

A big parade from well – known teachers will take place at the wooden platform this summer.. Detox retreats, tai chi & dance… iyengar, kundalini & anusara yoga… teacher trainings & summer yoga adventures…

Check all the summer events @ Okreblu and book your tickets to Paros soon :)

Dream without fear, love without limits and spread the light!! Om Shanti!